Posted on 11 March 2017
by Sekepal Aspal

Di edisi ke 12 Sekepal Aspal Talk, kita sempat ngobrol dengan salah seorang builder, artist/illustrator and race enthusiast Jeff Wright dari Church of Choppers. Silahkan cek obrolan kami seputar motor, illustrasi dan balapan favoritnya.

@sekepalaspal : Which come first, Jeff Wright as an artist/illustrator or fabricator?

@chvrch : Jeff Wright the rider.

@chvrch : Drawing, School drop out. Then a bar owner. After years…fabrication, now back to drawing a lot.

@sekepalaspal : So Jeff, do you remember some of your first built?

@sekepalaspal : Okay, next question. Tell Us a bit about your first encounter with motorcycle, how did you get into motorcycle at the first place?

@chvrch : Yes. My first was a 1984 Honda XR500, that I raced Vegas to Reno with. It was beast. I made it 350 before my support vehicle broke down. Iwas happy because the Trophy trucks and Dune buggies were coming.

@chvrch : After the Honda I wanted to do chopper. So I ordered a Pat Kennedy frame.

@chvrch : It was a Evo hardtail with 4 speed trans and 20 over Paughco springer. 120 spoke, 21’ with a 120 spoke 200 tire on back.

@chvrch : Maybe it was 16 over. I fit 2-320mm disc brakes in 4.5”

@sekepalaspal : aah, the early influences..maybe one of the reason you partially into fast bikes and race stuff.

@chvrch : I have always made sure happiness was first. So, what ever I was happy to do.

@chvrch : Or maybe sometimes it just falls into place.

@chvrch : performance over brand.

@sekepalaspal : Okay, question no.3. You’re part of @ftwco, and as a brand, they constantly supporting amateur racers on race tracks all over the US. What was the story behind all that passsion on motorcycle racing and riding on fast bikes?

@chvrch : My dad rode. I was young. He left us..I was a Juvenile delinquent and loved motorcycle above anything.

@chvrch : I stole some money and bought a non running Yamaha. I pushed it everywhere. We would work on it, and then kick it for thousands of times.

@chvrch : All over the world. I have always loved fast bikes, now I’m old, so being in touch with racers/helping and promoting my brand seem natural. It’s better than TV.

@chvrch : Going fast is adrug and I’m sort of an addict. But I also suck, so it’s fun watching others kill it.

@sekepalaspal : Can’t agree more, nothing beats dooing things that you love and supporting a good cause at the same time. If there’s any, what woould be your favorite race? Dirt track, flat track or street racing?

@chvrch : Niceee. If it’s a warm Saturday night in town with friends…any race. I like to visit Road Races…We used to ride to Laguna and Indy all the fucking time. I love the road races…I like beer drinking and flat track racing also…but it’s so commercial Hooligan shit doesn’t seem as pure as years back. But it’s great for the sport, the new guys are doing a great job spreading love.

@chvrch : We have a drag strip close to here also. I like to ride down there and watch.

@chvrch : It’s always a race to the race.

@chvrch : Isle of Mann is my favorite race.

@chvrch : Going to the motocrossaare on the top of the list also.

@sekepalaspal : Okay, now a bit about your art. How did your passion in motorcycle effecting your works as an artist?

@chvrch : Ha ha! I never have or will draw anything unmotorcycle. Maybe a few things here and there, but always bikes. Grandpa said “Do what you know”

@sekepalaspal : hahaha/ Okay, now for the last question. Actually we’ve got two more left but can’t really decide which on e for the last question..haha.

@sekepalaspal : So here goes the questions and you can pick which one you want to answer. Back to motorcycle, van you list your top 5 all time favorite motorcycle? Or Who or what would be your main influence in building bikes?

@chvrch : Top 5 bikes…Damn, really?

@sekepalaspal : hahaha, yes Sir.

@chvrch : Old Suzuki GSXR’s, Old Honda XR600’s, Harley Choppers, Any new expensive 1000cc Superbike, bla bla bla…I’m standing in a room of 13 bikes, I love them all.

@chvrch : No influence of one, influenced by all.

@chvrch : If I could only have one bike for ever on. It would be a old street legal XR600 with knobbies.

@sekepalaspal : Okay, I know we just said that the last two would be our last question, but I can’t help it, I just have to ask you this. I’ve noticed that you’ve been using Shovelhead motors in many of your build, any particular reason for that?

@chvrch : I like to paint in low light, so when it’s done it pops in natural light. Shoveheads are so common and cheap, I think it makes a bigger statement if you pull off a good build. I don’t want to win because I have some rare knuckle or that shit. I want my friends to say ‘Yeah!’

@chvrch : I like shovelheads, but my next build will be with an Evo motor.

@sekepalaspal : And that would be all for now Jeff, thank you for your time Mr. Wright. Thank you for the constant inspiration. Just wanted to let you know that what you’ve done has inspired a lot more people way across the world. Hopefully someday you can travel down to our part of the world and witnessing how you have inspired us in so many ways. Good night Jeff, have a good one!!

@sekepalaspal : Can’t wait for the Evo build.

@chvrch : Cheers you guys, and thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to getting in my new shop to build more bikes. Thank you veryt much. Now it’s time to go to the bar.

Untuk ngobrol-ngobrol lengkapnya dengan beberapa teman lain, silahkan cek IG @sekepalaspal. Cheers…llll, 2016. All rights are reserved.


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