Posted on 28 March 2017
by Sekepal Aspal

Kustom Kulture is a term adapted from the 50’s American lifestyle. Its vast growing scene and loyal scenesters were amplifying this with various types of local influences that has been a worldwide refference these past decades. Indonesia has one of the most richest kustom kulture scene in Asia, and probably the world. We at Hype and Sekepal Aspal are trying to gather, curate, and introduce this great scene along with its kustom garages, music, knowlege, art, communities, and everything in between to a larger audience by inventing CHROME. Grow together to achieve greatness out of a believe.

Hype X Sekepal Aspal Presents CHROME, a weekend kustom kulture market. Sat-Sun, 1-2 April 2017, 11 AM – 11 PM at Hypeland, Pantai Indah Kapuk. A huge 5000 m2 indoor and semi-outdoor area, with hundreds of tenants in marketplace of motorcycle dealers, kustom garages, apparels, essentials, accessories, parts, riding gears, and other lifestyle products, also food and drinks in F&B area. With an entry fee as cheap as Rp.10,000, enthusiasts can already enjoy lots of fun shows and activities.

Witness local’s best talents such as Collapse, Sentimental Moods, Leonardo & His Impeccable Six, and Barefood rocking out in our semi-outdoor music stage. Get to know about lots of exciting stuff around automotive journalism as we have Jujuk Margono who’s going to share his years of experience, how to create a good motovlog with today’s “it” young motorcycle persona Bubur Ayam Racer, pinstriping tips with senior pinstripe artist Fahmi Freeflow from Bandung, community building with motorcycle collectives Swengskoy and Jumat Blarrr, and also beer tapping workshop with the fun bunch Beergembira and Heineken.

We set up a special Sunday Afternoon indoor party session with Domingo Acopio. Domingo Acopio has been a cult show in South Jakarta these past few years and they are now ready to hit North, with DJs Bergas, Ryo, Jidho, Radit, and Lawless Youtube Squad.

For our art section we have kustom helmet exhibition by Fahmi Freeflow, Decky Sastra, Rio Bronx, Agung Castavo, Millart Design, Takjemujemu, Unboundkill, and Barata Dwiputra. People can vote for their favorite helmet and get a chance to win some cash for the lucky draw winner. After announcements, you can also join our kustom helmet and skateboard deck auction. The notorious Twilo Skate Corner form Kemang, South Jakarta is also bringing their street gear to see if anyone is up for a challenge to win best trick in our skateboarding area. You probably have heard about Lawless X Bintang Design Competition. This 10-mio art competition by Lawless Jakarta and Bir Bintang is going to have an exclusive exhibition and winner announcement at CHROME. We also have a few curated kustom motorcycle to be exhibited, along with a ride-in-show, and test rides for brand new motorcycle dealers to introduce their line up to future customers.

CHROME, a weekend kustom kulture market is sponsored by Go Ahead People. Supported by Moto Guzzi, and Jägermeister.

Partners: OZ Radio, Vice, Dream Rides, Event Jakarta, Cara Fun, Jadwal Event, 1098khz Radio Untar, What’s New Jakarta, Acara Baru, Boulter Helmet, Gastank, Freemagz, JKT Bazaar,

For more info please check out our Instagram accounts: @chromemarket_id, @sekepalaspal, 2016. All rights are reserved.


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Kami mempunyai 60 tiket nonton film gratis yang bisa kamu menangkan. Kami alokasikan tiket-tiket tersebut sebanyak 10 tiket di tiap jam pemutaran. Kapasitas mini theater kami adalah sebanyak 78 kursi per pemutaran. Silakan daftar di bawah ini, dan pilih jam pemutaran film yang kamu inginkan. Para pemenang akan diacak dan hanya para pemenang yang beruntung yang akan mendapatkan email konfirmasi dari kami. Untuk yang belum beruntung, kamu bisa membeli tiket di outlet penjualan tiket seharga Rp 25.000.


Lawless Jakarta, Jl. Kemang Selatan 8 No.67K



Sebuah film semi dokumenter tentang budaya custom roda dua dan perjalanan yang tak terlupakan. 1000 Kilometer mengisahkan tentang 3 teman baik yang terinspirasi oleh Sekepal Aspal photography book dan memutuskan untuk melibas jalanan Jawa sampai Bali untuk menemui secara langsung beberapa tokoh yang terdapat di dalam buku itu. Film ini menggabungkan komprehensi sejarah budaya custom roda dua lokal dan modernisasinya, dengan keseruan petualangan khas Indonesia dan latar alamnya yang indah.

Dibintangi oleh: Syafwin Ramadhan Bajumi, Yusuf Abdul Jamil, Raihan Ahmad Ramdhani
Sutradara: Ilham Nuriadi
Penulis: Sammy Bramantyo
Produser: Adita K Bramantyo
Eksekutif Produser: Roni Pramaditia, Rizky Rosianto, Rahmat Wirabakti, Sammy Bramantyo
Produksi: Sekepal Aspal

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